racing archives

The 2009 AMA season like most roadracing seasons was full of ups and downs.  I was fortunate enough to enjoy new experiences like being able to attend the Isle of Man TT, unfortunately breaking my arm in qualifying.  After having to overcome this and countless other obstacles Moto Garage Racing was able to finish 14th overall in Superbike points.  For 2009 Moto Garage Racing started the season with two riders, Josh Graham and myself, Scott Jensen.  Unfortunately Josh was unable to finish the entire season so part way thru he was replaced with up and coming rider Dominic Jones.  Dominic is a young and very promising racer from New Zealand, he rode for the team from Laguna Seca onward.

Competing in The Isle of Man TT is a life altering experience, and to be honest I am not sure which part is more exhilarating, competing or spectating!  I would like to say a huge thank you to Paul Phillips for making it possible for me to compete in this event.  And numerous thanks (and apologies) to the all the guys at PRF racing, they put together great motorcycles and I am sorry I was not able to show you the potential that your team and bikes have.  I would highly suggest that everyone who has ever thought of attending this event make plans to go as soon as possible, the people are fantastic and the event is a ridiculous amount of fun.  I intend to be competing in this event for 2010, and plan to do a better job of representing myself, the team, and my country.  See you there!!

The AMA season for 2009 saw the addition of two new race tracks.  I have to be honest and say that I was a bit nervous about the addition of these tracks after hearing of safety concerns and comments about the surfaces.  The first of the two was Hearland Park, in Topeka Kansas.  This is the track that Maladin complained about and walked off refusing to compete.  The track did (and still does) have some issues but the owner of the facility was so eager to make the track safe and fun to race on that he had people moving walls and doing repairs the night before the event after hearing of some complaints.  This is the type of people we need involved with our race series, will do whatever needs to be done to insure the event goes off safely!!    The second track was New Jersey Motorsports Park, in Millville New Jersey.   This facility only had one primary safety complaint, which had to do with a bridge in the last sequence of corners, and unfortunately someone did crash directly into it, luckily unhurt.  Other than that one complaint this track was a lot of fun and very challenging to pick up speed at.  I seemed to learn the layout pretty quickly but it took me all the way to the end of the second day of riding to start picking up speed, I quite enjoyed the challenge. 

Now that the AMA season is done Moto Garage Racing will again be attending the Macau GP, in Macau China in a couple weeks.  This will be our second trip to the event and are looking to bring home some good results. So keep an eye out for the race report and check out the event website. There will be four American riders in the event, Michael Barnes, Mark Miller, Jeremy Toye, and myself.  Check out the website to keep tabs on all of us!

Looking forward to the 2010 season, Moto Garage Racing will again be fielding two bikes in the AMA superbike series.  We look forward to another season and will again be pushing to get to the front!!

See you at the races!!