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Laguna Seca, round 2 (Season Final)

We went into the final race of the season in a pretty good position.  We were 5th in superstock with a 9 point gap to 6th, in superbike we were 12th and pretty well locked in.  We arrived at the track Thursday am and set up the pit in the paddock.  It was a bit different since this is the first time the AMA had been to Laguna without either World Superbike or Moto GP since I have been racing professionally.

We began practice Saturday morning.  By the end of the first superstock practice we were 12th overall.  Saturday also had superbike practice and qualifying for both races.  By the end of the day we were on row 7 in superbike, and row 3 in superstock.  The plan for superstock was to run a very cautious race and just bring the bike home inside the top 15, which shouldn’t be difficult considering our worst result of the season up to this point had been 10th and our best was 3rd.  In superbike we were going to be able to just run a normal race since the out come wouldn’t actually affect our overall points in this class. 

Sunday brought the final races of the season.  In the morning there was a quick warm up for both classes.  Later that afternoon we began the races.  Superstock took off and I had a very cautious launch and opening lap.  The opening lap is quite easy to get caught up in a crash with another rider.  By about mid way we were solidly in 13th place with a couple second gap ahead and behind us.  I just rode around safely for a few more laps and the red flag came out.  While we were sitting in the pits under the red flag, they made the decision to not continue the race.  Since the race was approximately three fourths completed they decided to call the race complete.  We had accomplished our goal, a top 5 result overall!!!!  

The superbike race went green a few hours later.  The race went off and I had a completely different attitude for this race I wanted to work my way forward.  On the first flying lap I began my charge.  I was stringing together lap after lap faster than I had ever done before at Laguna Seca. 

By the half way I was 13th and catching the group in front of me.  Unfortunately shortly after half way I lost the front going into turn 5 and crashed the bike.  Not the way I wanted to end the last race of the season but was quite happy with the season as a whole.

I would like to give a huge thanks to all my sponsors for the amazing support for the entire season.    

Now begins building for next year!!  See you at the races!!