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Infineon Raceway, California

HALOF racing went into Infineon raceway looking to break into the illusive top 5 in Superstock, and to finish top 15 in Superbike.  After a VERY eventful trip to the race track, which involved yours truly missing a turn and taking the SOCAL trackdays 50 foot gooseneck trailer into the middle of San Francisco.  I am not going to get into all the details but let’s just say that the trailer ended up with all 6 tires in the air and stuck.  (That had to be just about the most stressful thing I have yet to do)  Looking back on it now I wish I had some pictures of it to post but at the time it was the last thing I wanted to do.

Well we finally arrived at the track about 5 am Wednesday morning.  So we set up Wednesday and Thursday we did the finish prep work on the bikes for Friday morning.  Friday morning superstock was the first group out, let me just say that I think I have driven on ice that had more traction than the track had, wow was it slick!!   Superbike practice came about an hour later and the track was getting better, but still was lacking any real traction.  Later that afternoon we had the first superbike qualifying session, and we were trying different tires and suspension set ups to try to find some grip.  Still struggling with grip issues we only managed a 1:41.4 (we obviously had a lot of work to do at this point). 

Saturday morning brought another superstock practice and the second superbike qualifying session.  We were 12th in superstock practice with a 1:40.9 so things were looking up.  In superbike qualifying we matched the time which put us 6th row for superbike.  The superstock qualifying went a bit better yet, we managed a 1:39.5 and ended up inside the 3rd row (just missed the second row).   Later that day the first superbike race kicked off.  We went green and were off and running until about the 7th lap when I hit the back side of a curb exiting turn one that resulted in a flat rear tire.  It bent the rim badly enough that the tire couldn’t seal anymore.  That was the end of race one for us. 

Sunday morning was a warm up for both classes.  In Superstock we tried a different valve stack in the rear shock.  It seemed to work pretty well and I expected it to work even better with new race tires on the bike.  At 1 pm the superstock race was set to get under way.  They threw the green flag and I managed a pretty good start.  At the end of lap one I was in 10th and looking to start going forward.  By the end of the 5th lap I had moved up to 8th.  With about 4 laps to go Yates crashed and picked his bike up again and pulled in front of me.  I figured I would just go past him but every time I tried something parts started to fall off his bike, hitting me and getting all over the track in front of me.  After a couple near crashes I decided to try a last lap pass.  I tried to out brake him in the last corner but he saw me coming and pinched down so I couldn’t get by.  At the line we were .2 of a second behind Yates.  ANOTHER 8TH… we are starting to think there is a curse of 8th places put on us, this is our 3rd this year already.

The superbike race took off at 3pm and I managed to get the superbike off the line a lot better than the day before.  I was up with Doug Chandler by lap 4 and had planned to tow along with him for a while.  But the bike had other ideas.  It soon started to miss fire and pop.  After a lap of so it started to intermittently run on 2 cylinders.  I began to fade and ended up in 18th place.  I was happy with it considering the bike had a pretty serious lack of power. 

So the HALOF racing, JQ Moto, SUZUKI genuine accessories, SUZUKI GSXR 1000 comes out of Infineon in 8th place overall in Superstock and 12th overall in Superbike.  Onward to Road America, we are definitely looking to break out 8th place curse with a solid top 5 result!!!!

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the track this last weekend.  To Rodney Rayborne for putting up with me and building some of the best bikes in the paddock.  To Mike Turner for putting up with both Rodney and I, and for all the hard work already this season.  Mickey Grana and the whole crew at SOCAL Trackdays for there continued support and being there when I am in need.  Mike for coming out and doing everything we asked of him with a smile.  To Jeff from JQMoto for doing everything in his power to help out.  A big thanks to everyone for just being there to insure we can keep going racing!!

See you at the races.