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Pikes Peak, Colorado

The weekend at Pikes Peak was shortened because there was only one Superbike race. The entire weekend was in crammed into Sat and Sun. They did hold a promoter practice on Friday, but it was not part of the actual AMA weekend.

I rolled in Thursday afternoon, got the pit setup, and everything was pretty much ready to go. Thursday promoter practice was a great chance to play with bike setup and we found a pretty good starting point for the weekend. In the Friday morning practice session we were testing tires to find an appropriate race tire. That was when things went wrong. I went out with a rear tire I had never used before and I was approx. three laps in and high-sided out of turn three. Apparently the new tire didn't like sealerstrips because it just snapped around and spat me off when I hit it. I managed to injure my right wrist and right foot in the landing.

The crew thrashed to get the old bike together and, amazingly, we were ready for qualifying. Due to my latest round of injuries, I was having problems holding on to the bike, turning it, and really getting it to do much of anything except to go forward in a straight line. Unfortunately I ended up far back on the grid - something like second to last row.

Sunday brought the race. The green flag flew and we were off. I was still having problems getting the bike to do anything and could hardly even hold onto it. We managed to bring it home in 22nd and gathered as many points as we could.

See you in Wisconsin!